Northrop Grumman Headquarters Information


Northrop Grumman Headquarters Information

Contacting Northrop Grumman Headquarters

Northrop Grumman is a defense company working with unmanned aircraft, cyber protection, advanced electronics, health information technology and more.

Northrop Grumman Headquarters Info

If you need to contact Northrop Grumman headquarters, you can write to the corporate office or give the office a call. There is no contact email or form for the corporate office. Northrop Grumman is not a consumer company so no customer service contact form is available. The official website offers some contact information for Northrop Grumman headquarters, but the majority of information is about products and services available from the company.

  • Address: Write to Northrop Grumman headquarters at the corporate office in Falls Church, Virginia. There is a long list of elected official and corporate officers. You can choose to direct your letter to one of the company departments or executive team members by adding an attention line to the address.

Northrop Grumman Headquarters 2980 Fairview Park Dr. Falls Church, VA 22042

  • Phone Number: You can call 1-703-280-2900 to reach Northrop Grumman headquarters. If you know the person you are trying to reach, ask to be connected with that person when the call is answered.
  • Email: There is no email address or contact form for Northrop Grumman headquarters.
  • Website: You can find information on products and services from Northrop Grumman on the official website [+]. Some contact information for Northrop Grumman headquarters is available on the website.

Northrop Grumman Headquarters Executive Team

We found three lists of executives at Northrop Grumman headquarters – elected officials, lead executives and a board of directors.

Elected Executives

Wes Bush – CEO

Sid Ashworth – Corporate Vice President

Mark A. Caylor – Corporate Vice President

Shelia C. Cheston – Corporate Vice President

Gloria A. Flach – Corporate Vice President

Darryl M. Fraser – Corporate Vice President

Michael Hardesty – Corporate Vice President

Christopher T. Jones – Corporate Vice President

Jennifer C. McGarey – Corporate Vice President

Linda A. Mills – Corporate Vice President

Prabu Natarajan – Corporate Vice President

James F. Palmer – CFO and Corporate Vice President

Denise Peppard – Corporate Vice President

David T. Perry – Corporate Vice President

Thomas E. Vice – Corporate Vice President

Kathy Warden – Corporate Vice President

Lead Executives

Rob Carr

Joe Magnone

Russell J. Anarde

Kevin Bell

Walter Pedigo

Charles W. Lyon

Donald G. Lisenbee

Jeffrey A. Remington

Kevin T. Campbell

Scott Stewart

William Bowling

Robert W. Nelson

Board of Directors

Wes Bush

Victor H. Fazio

Donald E. Felsinger

Bruce S. Gordon

William H. Hernandez

Madeleine A. Kleiner

Karl J. Krapek

Richard B. Myers

Gary Roughead

Thomas M. Schoewe

Kevin W. Sharer

Northrop Grumman Headquarters Brands

There are no brands associated with Northrop Grumman headquarters.

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