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Straight Talk Headquarters Information

Contacting Straight Talk Headquarters

Straight Talk is a wireless provider that offers no-contract cellular phone and mobile Internet services to Walmart customers. There is an official website for Straight Talk that sells phones, SIM cards and plans directly to the customer. Straight Talk headquarters is located at the TracFone headquarters as Straight Talk is a TracFone company.

Straight Talk Headquarters Info

Though there is no mention of Straight Talk on the TracFone website, the Straight Talk headquarters address is listed as TracFone. The company headquarters for both companies is located in Florida.

  • Address: Customers can address communication directed to the Straight Talk headquarters to:

Straight Talk Headquarters c/o TracFone 9700 N.W. 112th Ave. Miami, FL 33178

  • Phone Number: We were surprised to find a direct phone number for Straight Talk headquarters on the TracFone website [+]. Customers can call the company headquarters at 1-800-876-5753. Callers interested in working with the media team can call 1-305-715-6500.
  • Fax Number: If you need to fax documents or information to Straight Talk headquarters, send the fax to 1-305-640-2070. TracFone uses the same fax number, so denote Straight Talk on the fax coversheet.
  • Email: While there is no email address for Straight Talk headquarters there is an email address for TracFone headquarters [+].
  • Website: We did not find a corporate website for either TracFone or Straight Talk headquarters, but we did find contact information listed on both websites [+]. The contact information, on the TracFone website at least, includes corporate information.

Straight Talk Headquarters Executive Team

The executive team at Straight Talk headquarters is the same as the executive team at TracFone. The top three executives are:

  • F.J. Pollak – President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Kevin Gulbranson – Product Management Senior Vice President
  • Steve Ritter – Sales and Marketing Executive Vice President

Straight Talk Headquarters Brands

Straight Talk does not offer any brands because it is not the parent company. TracFone, the parent company responsible for Straight Talk, does partner with various mobile phone providers to offer customers up-to-date mobile phone equipment. As of 2013, Straight Talk offers phones from LG, iPhone, ZTE, Samsung, Huawei and Blackberry.

TracFone is responsible for Net10 Wireless, SafeLink Wireless, Telcel America and Simple Mobile. All mobile phone services operating under the America Movil umbrella offer different logos, different phones and different plan rates.

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Rating: 1.8/5 (53 votes cast)
Straight Talk Headquarters Information, 1.8 out of 5 based on 53 ratings

87 Comment(s) on Straight Talk Headquarters Information

  1. cindy husfelt says:

    My daughter purchased a straight talk phone for me for Christmas and it is now march 13 and still not able to use a phone this is just crazy I called she called took a month to receive a box to send it in they ship me a phone back my daughter bought a new phone and she received a refurbished phone then they sent me another refurbished phone. I’m not a happy I cant believe that when I need to talk to someone you cant understand them they sat the same thing over and over again and I still don’t have a phone that works they wouldn’t give me Head quarters number so this is how you treat your customers. I so mad because this was a gift to me my daughter upset and your company doesn’t even care so now im going have to call better business or maybe the news so people don’t go through this

  2. R Beane says:

    this is not a number to the corporate office. this is the number for customer service that keeps giving you the run around. If you are going to post helpful information. Please in the future make sure it is helpful.

  3. jeffrey feldman says:

    It is imperative that I am contacted by a member of the corporate office.
    I have wasted more than 6 hours trying to get my problem resolved.
    my health has been impaired severely.

  4. Tristan perree' says:

    I would like the President of track phone to reply. I am not to happy with the way your tech center helps people I called about a phone I had for just over a year and got nothing but problems from them the problem was my phone not staying on after i unplugged it from the charger I was told we have to trouble shoot it and reboot it I understand prosedurs have to be followed but when its something other than soft wear you should not have to go through that I was told later my phone was done I needed to get a new one I bought the 2 year service plain when I bought the phone I was told your records did not show that I had one. I let it slide so I bought a new phone last month and in 3 weeks of having it the ringer speaker blew and I called your tech support again and told them what’s going on they rebooted my phone again like that was going to fix a messed up speaker. So they told me I need to send my phone in to get a replacement phone so I went through all the info for the FedEx shipping from to be sent to me I never got it. I just called back today July 21 2014 and went through 36 min of dealing with my address is wrong that I am telling her it wrong. I have hit the point of as much as I can take I want something done to make this right I am happy with straight talk me and my wife save money from it and we would rather not switch services I hope my replacement phone does not do what this one is doing so please make things right.

  5. sondra lee says:

    Your straight talk workers won’t fix my problem they keep making me do the same things over and over again even after they are informed that the results are unsuccessful

  6. v says:

    I never experienced such horrific customer service. The representatives lack knowledge of the equipment, their listening skills, comprehension, and communications skills need an upgrade to USA citizen’s. But, instead the president and other higher archery persons wanna save money and not concerned about quality care service clearly. As soon as a locate a more ideal carrier myself and husband will no longer seek their services.

  7. Frustrated Customer on her away to a new carrier. says:

    Straight talk switched my cell number without my permission. I went on for three days without my orginial number; unaware of it ifor two days. The issue had taken nearly 2 days to be rectified. When corrected some idiot rep deactivated my husband’s phone; a issue he isn’t aware of as of now because he working building lovely homes.

  8. MRS2639 says:

    Where are the U.S. English speaking reps. Everyone there struggles to understand what you are saying and you in turn struggle to understand them. I have not encountered one rep who knows what the hell their doing. one tine my husband sought out to have his minutes uploaded and placed the minutes onto my phone.

    • MRS2639 says:

      The rep placed the minutes on the wrong phone. That happened to me and my girlfriend as well. I’m prepaering to switch to T-Mobile; they plan is like S-Talk

  9. james hayes says:


  10. Paul Bishop says:

    very disappointed with the way service is set up as far as getting information that your company could not send me verification of closing my direct withdraw
    from my bank account and being billed for days I have not even used. For instance , the date I actually singed up. lets say it was the 4th of July you should be billing me till august 4th instead your billing me for august first so what happened. I loose three days of service is that right , I don”t think so. I am switching services because your lack of my own personal information and verification that you have closed my direct withdrawal account. Your company is the first and last company that I will ever deal with; that could not send me anything stating that my direct withdrawal was closed and being billed for days I should have not been billed for. At least Metro PCS bills you from the day you start from month to month. To bad for your foolishness

  11. Paul Bishop says:

    I have three kids that have phones that I was going to sign them up with you , but now I”m going with Metro Pcs because of the lack of your information about my account and billing me for time that I did not use and proof of closing my direct withdrawal account.

  12. Bill & Peatsie Newt says:

    Your company should offer discounts to the military. Our family has 4 lines with Straight Talk wireless, for 3 years. One of those lines was virtually inactive on usage due to son at Marine Boot Camp. We had no choice but to continue paying $45 per month to maintain his celll phone number! Due to that loss of funds we are currently seeking service on all 4 lines elsewhere. You want more business & more profit, treat people and their hard earned money with more respect. Give a little bonus now & then. Discount for multiple lines. Discount for military & students and just watch your profits rise! Thank-you for whatever attention you can muster.

  13. Linda Smith says:

    After fighting to get a problem resolved for over two weeks I was told I would not have to pay until Oct. A payment has been taken from my account. Customer service would not give me the number to Corporate. Again your company has taken me.

  14. Vincent and Nailah Washington says:

    If I could give this pos company – stars I would. They have taken just over $100 dollars from us. After paying my (Nailah) phone bill, my phone was deactivated and then given to another straight talk customer. When I asked for a refund I was told there were no refunds. So I lost money and my phone number which I had for 4.5 years. My husband had had his# almost as long and now we don’t have a number period. POS ESL company and customer service. I hate straight talk. They need to be audited and disbanded. I HATE STRAIGHT TALK!

  15. Anessa Swisher says:

    I bought a bring you own phone, and I have called straight talk to activate it and my straight talk sims card is activated…. However I have bought TWO $45 minute cards and every time I call to put it on the phone they ask for a serial number so I give them the one that is on my sims card, but they always put the minute card on the phone I call them off of and not the one I bought, they are also all foreign and I cant understand a word they are saying. (no offence intended) but I need to speak with someone that knows good English so I can figure out what is going on.

  16. says:

    I can`t get on google, and buy
    games, they tell me wrong,
    Passwod. Or email address
    How can I fix this?

  17. Owen Hennings says:

    I want a phone call from straight talk upper management I had spent more than 15 hrs of being on the phone trying to have our issue fixed your customer service suxs nothing like getting asked the same questions for an hour I am close to walmart upper management and after I get done they will not sell net 10 track phone or straight talk you have one day to get back to me otherwise I will fly to your office and bring media with so everyone can see how you work and how you lie to consumers

  18. Pam Minnich says:

    I have been with your company Straight talk for over 4 years each year your service has gotten really bad in my area so I have changed services to a company that has towers in my area … In that process your company shut my phone off so that the port wouldn’t finish now I am told that I have to turn on my service with straight talk to be able to transfer my number thats $45 for 24 hours that is just so inconceivable to me then the manager of customer service tells me that there is no one in management to talk to he is the highest place I can go for help I really think that I made right decision to change the service has always been hard to deal with…. I do need help with this process

  19. Winnie Moore says:

    I brought a new straight talk phone in July 3, 2014.1 month later buying my phone, I had problems after problems with my phone. I tried to solve this problemlil several times by calling straighttalk for help. I’m still having problems with this phone. This made me very unhappy with my Straight Talk service. I only being a customer of straight talk for 4 years, and this is the 1st year I had problems. Can you please help me with this? Thank you!

  20. no name says:

    your service with customers are horrible

  21. Vicki Gwaltney says:

    Please have Mr. Kevin Gulbranson, or Mr. Steve Ridder give me a call about customer service mad me being on the phone with your company as of now for 12 hours and dealing with my situation for 2 weeks. I have been your customer for approximately 4 years. My daughter has her company with you as well. I am so angry if I do not hear from you ASAP
    I plan on going to the media with my situation, it has been and still is a night mare as of this minute I am still on the phone with your customer care dept, if that is what these folks should be called because they have not provided me with any real customer care.
    Thank You Kindly
    Vicki L Gwaltney

  22. Kurt says:

    I want this addressed, and I want contacted by corporate management. Ticket #1098717908

  23. Donna Grant says:

    If I could give them a zero, I would. We bought phone in a Walmart store and got the $45/mo straight talk plan. We also bought the 2-year warranty. Phone quit working after 4 mos. We tried to return to store; they said we couldn’t do it. Gave us the number to straight talk to call. We did – no Americans; hard to understand. Told us to send phone back with label they sent via email. We did on 10/2 – they rec’d phone on 10/6. Now they say they can’t find it and we can’t get phone. I have the proof of delivery.

  24. Donna Grant says:

    If I could give them a zero, I would. We bought phone in a Walmart store and got the $45/mo straight talk plan. We also bought the 2-year warranty. Phone quit working after 4 mos. We tried to return to store; they said we couldn’t do it. Gave us the number to straight talk to call. We did – no Americans; hard to understand. Told us to send phone back with label they sent via email. We did on 10/2 – they rec’d phone on 10/6. Now they say they can’t find it and we can’t get phone. I have the proof of delivery. No americans, no english, do not do business with them – they are slimy. And I’m out $100

  25. Russell Jackson says:

    I have had nothing but problems out of customer service and the support isn’t worth it

  26. james carey says:

    terrible. bad. stressful. we r getting away from straight talk. they lie and steal

  27. Tommy Kai Shriner says:

    In regards to store location ( N/A ) I Have spoke To a gentleman by the name Jon # ( N/A ) In regards of an extension or grace period of 4-7 Days JHON Was exceptionally nice but for the customer call volume being so high he was unable to direct me to a manager Understanding the circumstances I Would wish for a call back, Thank You

  28. Janet Carriger says:

    I called the number you have listed as their headquarters number and got their normal customer service. FYI

  29. this company is the worst says:

    They make promises to you i guess to just get you off the phone when you call in they refuse to admit they were wrong customer service will not let you speak to supervisors an say that there isn’t a phone number for corporate when there is i was spoken to rudely by jane at corporate. an she hung up on me i don’t recommend this company to anyone if you have a problem your outta luck

  30. Melissa says:

    My daughter put minutes on her phone and the minutes went on the wrong phone. Now when I call customer service they will not fix it. I think they are taking peoples hard earned money.

  31. Bradford Lambert says:

    I just got my phone reactivated and it has the slowest speed ever. Even when I try to text I click on the text icon and it takes up to a minute or so to open to the text page.. can you please speed my phone back up to at least the data speed and 3 gigs promised in the small print.. I don’t feel I’m ask in foe too much just what I am paying for.. thank you and have a good day

    Brad Lambert

  32. says:

    Please respond

  33. Darlene Prince, 770-684-3344 says:

    I have been trying to change from AT&T to Straight talk for two weeks.
    I have been without a phone for two weeks.
    And all I get is Lies from your customer service. They have
    Been going to send me a SIM card three different times
    Because they don’t know why my phone don’t work.
    I will be reporting this to the BBB.

    • angel eyes says:

      i have been having the same problem, i am to receive the third SIM card this week. i bouth straight Talk on December 27, 2014.

  34. Darlene Prince, 770-684-3344 says:

    I have been trying to change from AT&T to straight talk for two weeks.
    I have been without a phone and been lied to on several occasions by
    Your customer service. They can’t figure out why my phone don’t work
    So they have told me on three different occasions that they are sending
    Me another SIM card which I have yet to see.
    Will be reporting this company to BBB and consider legal action for the
    Deceptive actions and possible loss of my phone service.

  35. Renae Richardson says:

    I had the worst last two days due to your customer service representatives hanging up yelling in my ear keepint me on hold interupting me, I lost more money then i ever in a year over a cell phone and i still have no working phone. I will be contacting my lawyer tomorrow for invasion of privacy policy and you may record your calls but I do also and not once did anyone verify any account information or ask who they were talking to i had mutiple calls and at walmart with their managers listening and taking down referenc. Numbers.

  36. Monica Rogers 864-385-9660 says:

    I have purchased a year card I have till May 2015 when it expires I want either my money back on a six month card sent to me 2 lakanwood lane. Piedmont, sc 29673. . Or for you to credit my sisters account her. I refuse to lose six months that I have paid to your company already with straight talk I have given you A lot of customers/business while working at Wal-Mart referring customers to you. Now if this doesn’t get resolved I will as I do work in the office section at Wal-Mart not refer anyone to you anymore and go as high as I can go I will not stop till you take care of this matter in the correct way. Thank you Monica Rogers

  37. David Turpin says:

    My brother recommended straightalk. I called three Walmart stores and asked a number of questions about the service and the phones. The questions concerning the Bring Your Own Phone program seems to get a variety of conflicting answers. Also, if your company actually has someone employed to maintain the STRAIGHT TALK website and to keep the information updated, they should be fired and replaced with someone willing to properly do the job. All the information on this site is no longer correct. Also, it is my opinion, if there is such a thing as a fact and reference sheet supplied to customer service people at Walmart, it may need updated and should contain answers to any questions that anyone may ask about the BRING YOUR OWN PHONE pPROGRAM.

  38. Susan says:

    I am VERY unhappy with the customer service!! The man I spoke to was rude and would not transfer me to someone else or a manager. He said I had to call back. I called back and waited another 15 minutes. The lady was nicer than the man, but still did not understand and put me on hold to find a manager. After being on hold 10 minutes or more the line was disconnected. I am VERY UPSET with the treatment I received and will be complaining to everyone I see and complain online if this is not corrected today!
    Susan Caldwell

  39. Alyssa Guardino says:

    I am not happy. I need my phone for my business and I’ve had to call you people more than 10 times and my phone still isn’t activated. At 9:36 pm on 12/1/14 I called there and I was hung up on someone who would not give me their name. I’ve been a straight talk user for years now. Me and my family and friends will quit using this company. I am not happy at all. You people are ridiculous. I will bring you down. I promisw.

  40. rowdi lynch says:

    This is the most ridiculous phone company. I tried for thirty minutes today trying to talk to someone that could actually help me and stop taking in circles like it’s going to make me change my mind about my data not working. She then after pretending to be a super visor, ruby, victoria, and a few other made up names. .same voice mind you. Its all audio recorded please listen to all my calls made. Also I would appreciate Steven Ritter to contact me at the number just listed. Any time today is good with me I’m available all of your business hours.

  41. Jessie Leonard says:

    Straight Talk is a scam. I did the B.Y.O.P. program in August just now gettin a compatible phoneDec. Phone only Dec should have 2 months 2 weeks later i owe a bill.

  42. matthew says:

    Straight Talk wireless is full of some of the rudest unhelpful people I have ever met in my life none of you speak English none of you want to listen to what I have to say you’ll charge me twice to pay one bill you will not give my money back you will not compensate me you have hung up on me twice I asked for the name of the supervisor and the other person that I was talking to and y’all just hung up on me I asked for information for the corporate office and y’all hung up on me this is very unprofessional I am very upset and will be switching to a real cell phone company

  43. matthew says:

    I would very much appreciate if somebody from the corporate office would call me and explain to me why all of your employees or so unhelpful unprofessional rude and American apparently seeing as that nobody speaks English.

    • Gayle says:

      Good Luck ! They are terrible to deal with. Glad I don’t have them. I purchased time as a gift for my granddaughter using my credit card and was that ever a mistake! Customer Service is in the Phillipines not here.

  44. Straight talk Sucks says:

    Had a problem with straight talk and asked for a supervisor and customer service kept hanging up on me, no supervisor. What is their problem I have been a loyal customer for years! Bye Straight talk (tracfone Inc.) My Mom and I are going some where that wants our money enough to care.

  45. Walter Lee says:

    your data plan suxs not happy with it at all been with you.for over 5 years under differnt number and now.we have all these cut data down about to switch to a place with beter plan

  46. connie says:

    What a sorry company minutes placed on the wrong phone no ideas whos phone but not my intellectually disabled brothers that my mom paid 45 dollars for and will not listen or put the money on right phone

  47. Tom Jamison, Va says:

    New IPHONE 5S received 12/5 from Straight Talk. Still trying to get operational, Support keeps saying I need new SIM card and I’ll have replacement in 24-48 hours. Two weeks now and still waiting for needed SIM.
    Older working Straight Talk phone has been deactivated so now I have nothing. Last call said I’ll have sim card by 12/20.

  48. Mike says:

    you have one of the worst customer service ever in the world

  49. william wallace says:

    I hate the fact u have other people from different country’s serving us we can’t understand them I have called 5 times today and every one of ur supervisees has hung up on me and all o wanted was my number transfer

  50. Desmond Raines says:

    This is one of the worst phone companies to have. You better off in a contract. There customer service is straight pitiful. YOU WASTE YOUR MONEY AND TIME WITH THIS SERVICE. Words from a 10 year old use CS not costumer service but common sense.

  51. Don says:

    I’m leaving them and going to Verizon because of bad service

  52. Quality of phone is poor says:

    A coworker has the same phone, G4 as I did. She gave me her otter box and my phone was smaller than her phone. She’s with another plan but the difference in the phone was unbelievable. Rip off, straight talk is a rip off. If you don’t agree that’s good. When you need them you will agree.

  53. Barbara says:

    Straight talk sent me a return phone after 56 days. I spent the entire holiday season without a phone. When it arrived my excitement quickly turned to dispair realizing it’s used. I’m so dissapointed and am tired of fighting.

  54. brittany says:

    Worst company and customer service ever. Managers are rude and hangup on the customer without accomplishing anything.

  55. Lisa Shugars says:

    I like straight but ur customer service people are rude an don’t care if they I would like a call from some one that can help and that don’t lie to me an cares about keeping my business

  56. Whitney says:

    Worst customer service I have ever dealt with. Can you hire people who speak english and know the companies policy.. Could have saved me $130 and hours of my time.

  57. Horrible customer service says:

    I would say most horrible company ever. I would not recommend this company to a dog. Horrible service and poor communication and language barriers prevent anything being resolved Stay away from the company just some advice, I guess you get exactly what you pay for

  58. shame on you1 says:

    I hate your customer service.
    I bought an international plan. it does not work. I have called internet etc. and nothing…they hand up on me and don’t call back. I will blog about the bad business..practices..with 14 million customers you NEED better customer service. I feel like i have been screwed and money left on the table. I will come to corporate office…and walk in and ask for real resolution to my problem.

    • angel eyes says:

      when you get a blog post it so everyone can see. i have been without a phone and every time i call i spend two to three hours on the phone trying different things, all i wanted to do was bring my old phone # over i have been sent three different SIMS cards, they all had errors on them. i bought my daughter $45.00 worth of minutes and it only gave her $30.00 still trying to straighten that one out. i hear Verizon has the same deal as Straight Talk but provides good customer service.

  59. shame on you1 says:

    shame that i have to make a trip from out of town…to get my problem resolved…shame shame. last time i had aproblem which i had to call a thousand times to finally get someone at corporate to resolve. .millions of customers and your customer service sucks..shame on you!

  60. shame on you1 says:

    read all the reports on the internet and it;s not resolved..bad leadership…bad bad bad..

  61. shame on you1 says:

    ever wonder why you have 2 stars??? that’s ashamed you should resign

  62. kurtis suddath says:

    I plan on suing your company

    • David P says:

      The mind set of those in the PI’s is like that of an alien,you have to constantly repeat info and they say they can complete a task only to find time was for not.Please bring service back to USA there has to be a way.

    • angel eyes says:

      maybe we should all do a class action suite, maybe then they will do whats right.

  63. Horrible says:

    To all pay AT&T a bit more then to pay for this incompetence
    Story tellers , makeup as they go
    Ill rather pay extra 20 bucks
    Would at least get someone with knowledge this company sucks

  64. Lesha says:

    This the worst custmoer service ever..They just tell lie after lie no manger what so ever on site just a bunch of none english specking dogs that don’t have a care in the world

  65. cynthani says:

    You really should be reporting your complaints to the better business bureau they have a website and it pretty easy to navigate. Just leaving a comment here alone isn’t going to get solutions I hope that things get better for everyone.

  66. Jean White says:

    Trying to talk to billing to give new billing information is bothersome–if not impossible–the telephone tree is not customer friendly.

  67. Thieves and horrible services says:

    I bought the zte mobile service, bought the data 12/18/2014, must of use it about 4 times to look up something and was it was off, the service with straight talk is so terrible it is crazy, you get people saying “I’m sorry mam, I do understand, but, but what all I want to know is if I buy a plan and have not used it, how could it be finished, especially when you have one person stating you have data and the other say no data. Straight talk want your service, but has no respect or concern to the customers. If they continue with this poor service and stealing from the customers, they will eventually be a company that sells out. I am so tired of straight talk stealing my money, I will be going somewhere else. They are so full of it.

  68. joe says:

    your have the worst service ever in fact i am taking up a class action suit

  69. U suck says:

    The worst!!!!

  70. jose Penagos says:

    Ok America here is a company that don’t care about there customers problems. You can take your complains to

    BBB, FCC, AND WALMART CORP. Wall Mart represent Straight talk, I’m sure that wall Mart don’t like to get evolve or get there image ruing

  71. LIsa Beale says:

    I have had a terrible experience as well. It would take me a day to type up everything that has happened but what it has boiled down to is that I no longer have my original cell number that I have had for ten years due to these incompetent people and the company that they work for. After 5 sim cards in one month they told me that I changed my number and that it is no longer available. I plan on filing a complaint with the fcc.

  72. herman says:

    It’s a shame when you make a payment over the phone and get charged for it 2 times costumer service does not. Speak English and nothing gets resolved

  73. david evans says:

    Nothing but problems. Customer service is shit! Non English speaking muslim pig shit!! I will send smoke signals before I let them lie to me and steal anymore of my money!! The $45 unlimited plan is “”not unlimited”” when u reach 3 gigs you are done!! No more internet!! In AMERICA “unlimited” means to have no limits, no boundaries, no reigns!! I will also let everyone I know about how horribly fucked up straight talk is!! “”DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH STRAIGHT TALK”” “”THEY ARE ANYTHING BUT STRAIGHT””

  74. Rick W. says:

    go to metro pcs,less money,no trouble.l plan on suing them.I am not playing games.

  75. Willy says:

    I got the runaround from CHAT and Phone… I asked for an American help desk and was told they could not. I explained (in USA) under FCC rules a request for an AMERICAN help desk can NOT be refused…I got MIAMI and was resolved in 7 mins Good Luck, Willy

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