Chevron Headquarters Information


Chevron Headquarters Information

Contacting Chevron Headquarters

Chevron is an energy company with roots reaching back to the 1870s. Though the company started small, it grew rapidly and by 2012 Chevron was producing millions of oil-equivalent barrels every day. With more than 60,000 employees and more than 3,000 service stations, Chevron is part of everyday life for many in the United States.

Chevron Headquarters Info

Address: The Chevron headquarters is located in San Ramon, California. There are global offices in countries across the world. All global contacts are listed on the Chevron headquarters website [+].

Chevron Headquarters 6001 Bollinger Canyon Rd. San Ramon, CA 94583

Phone Number: The Chevron headquarters contact phone number is 1-925-842-1000. The office is located on Pacific Standard Time so all calls should be made with the time zone in mind.

Email: Chevron headquarters offers visitors to the website a means of contacting the corporate office by email. The contact form [+] allows you to choose a topic of the email, which then directs the email to the proper department within the Chevron headquarters office.

Website: When you visit the Chevron headquarters website [+] you are greeted with information on the current company programs and special interest topics. All information is presented in an easy-to-access format with links to social media pages on the bottom of the page and links to contact information at the top of the page.

Chevron Headquarters Executive Team

There are two teams heading up management at Chevron headquarters – Corporate Officers and the Board of Directors. The list of personnel is current as of April 2020.

Corporate Officers [+]

Michael K. (Mike) Wirth – Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
Pierre R. Breber – Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Mary A. Francis – Corporate Secretary and Chief Governance Officer
Joseph C. Geagea – Executive Vice President, Technology, Projects and Services
David A. Inchaustic – Vice President and Comptroller
James W. Johnson – Executive Vice President, Upstream
Charles N. Macfarlane – Vice President and General Tax Counsel
Navin K. Mahajan – Vice President and Treasurer
Rhonda J. Morris – Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
Mark A. Nelson – Executive Vice President, Downstream & Chemicals
Bruce L. Niemeyer – Vice President, Strategy & Sustainability
Colin Parfitt – Vice President, Midstream
R. Hewitt Pate – Vice President and General Counsel
James David Payne – Vice President, Health, Environment and Safety
Jay R. Pryor – Vice President, Business Development
Dale A. Walsh – Vice President, Corporate Affairs

Board of Directors[+]

Michael K. (Mike) Wirth
Ronald D. Sugar
Wanda M. Austin
John B. Frank
Alice P. Gast
Enrique Hernandez, Jr.
Charles W. Moorman IV
Dambisa F. Moyo
Debra Reed-Klages
D. James Umpleby III

Chevron Headquarters Brands

The brands operating under Chevron headquarters include Chevron, Texaco and Caltex. Under these three brands is a long list of products, including additives, chemicals, fuels and lubricants for your automobile and other machines. Within these three brands are sub-brands, if you will. Additional brands from Chevron headquarters include Paralux, Oronite, Chevron Phillips, Techron and more.

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