CIGNA Headquarters Information


CIGNA Headquarters Information

Contacting Cigna Headquarters

Cigna is a health care company offering insurance to customers on an individual and employer basis. Cigna’s roots stretch to 1792 when the Insurance Company of North America (INA) opened. The name Cigna was picked up when INA merged with Connecticut General Life Insurance Company in 1982.

Cigna Headquarters Info

Information for contacting Cigna headquarters is available on the official website. There is little information expressly dedicated to the corporate office, but we managed to find an address, phone number and social media pages.

  • Address: There are two addresses listed for Cigna headquarters. The first is the official corporate office and the second a satellite office, if you will. If you are working with a specific person at Cigna, add an attention line to your letter so the appropriate person, or department, receives your communication.

Cigna Headquarters 900 Cottage Grove Rd. Bloomfield, CT 06002


Cigna Corporation 1601 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, PA 19192

  • Phone Number: The Cigna headquarters phone number is 1-860-226-6000, you can send your fax at 1-860-226-6741 or 1-215-761-5511. Call 1-800-997-1654 to reach the Cigna Customer Service. If you have questions about your Cigna stock, you can call investor relations department, Will McDowell at 1-215-761-4198 or 1-215-761-3516. For media contact, call Ellie Polack at 1-860-902-4906.
  • Email: We found an email address for Cigna Customer Service[+]. There are also individual contacts for the investor relations[+] and media departments[+] found on the Cigna Newsroom Page article[+]. Much of the information and customer care providing by Cigna is associated with health care. Health care information is protected by HIPPA laws, which could be why the company does not offer a contact email. There is a long list of social media contacts [+] available for customers willing to use social media for corporate contact.
  • Chat: Live chat is available on the Contact Page [+] from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am – 8:00 pm, ET.
  • Website: The official website [+] for Cigna headquarters is the same website customers and providers visit to access information, pay bills and learn more about Cigna insurance.

Cigna Headquarters Executives and Management Team

The leadership team from Cigna headquarters includes:

Eric Palmer – Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Cigna Corporation.
Steve Miller – Chief Clinical Officer, Cigna Corporation.
Nicole Jones – Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Cigna Corporation.
Kristen Lauria – Executive Vice President and Global Chief Marketing Officer, Cigna Corporation.
John Murabito – Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Services, Cigna Corporation.
Jason Sadler – President, International Markets, Cigna Corporation.
Brian Evanko – President, Government Business, Cigna Corporation.
Matt Manders – President, Strategy and Solutions, Cigna Corporation.
Mike Triplett – President, U.S. Commercial, Cigna Corporation.

Cigna Board of Directors

David M. Cordani
William J. DeLaney
Eric J. Foss
Elder Granger, MD, MG, USA (Retired)
Isaiah Harris, Jr.
Roman Martinez IV
Kathleen M. Mazzarella
Mark B. McClellan, MD, PhD
John M. Partridge
William L. Roper, MD
Eric C. Wiseman
Donna F. Zarcone

Cigna Headquarters Brands

The only brand we found on the Cigna headquarters website was Healthspring. Healthspring is the portion of the company that handles Medicare plans.

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