Comcast Headquarters Information


Comcast Headquarters Information

Comcast is a cable, television, Internet and media company offering services to both residential and commercial customers. Though telecommunications customers may know Comcast as a cable company, Comcast also owns companies in the sports, entertainment and venture capital markets. There is a dedicated website for Comcast headquarters [+].

Comcast Headquarters Info

The corporate office for Comcast headquarters is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The corporate office is where many of the key executives in the company report to work, but there are Comcast offices for residential and business support located throughout the United States [+].

  • Address: The physical and mailing address for Comcast headquarters are the same.

Comcast Headquarters Comcast Center 1701 JFK Blvd. Philadelphia, PA 19103

  • Phone Number: The contact phone number for Comcast headquarters is 1-215-286-1700.
  • Fax Number: All fax communication with the corporate office should be sent to 1-215-981-7790.
  • Email: We found an email address [+] to the Comcast board in care of Thomas J. Reid, Secretary, Comcast Corporation. You can also use social media[+] to contact Comcast.

Website: Comcast headquarters offers an official website with corporate information [+].

Comcast Headquarters Executive Team

Just like any other company, Comcast headquarters may change corporate executives from time to time. When corporate executives change, new executive information is published on the corporate website [+]. The executive team for Comcast headquarters is comprised of executives for Comcast, NBC Universal, CNBC, NBC Entertainment and Universal Filmed Entertainment, among other companies. Executives as of May 2020 include:

Brian L. Roberts – Chairman and CEO, Comcast Corporation
Stephen B. Burke – Chairman, NBCUniversal & Senior Executive VP, Comcast Corporation
David L. Cohen – Senior Executive Vice President
David N. Watson – President & CEO, Comcast Cable & Senior Executive VP, Comcast Corporation
Jeremy Darroch – Group Chief Executive, Sky
Thomas J. Reid – Senior Executive VP, General Counsel and Secretary
D’Arcy F. Rudnay – Executive VP & Chief Communications Officer
Kimberley D. Harris – Executive VP of Comcast Corporation and General Counsel of NBCUniversal
Bob Eatroff – Executive VP, Global Corporate Development & Strategy
Amy Banse – Managing Director & Head of Funds, Comcast Ventures
Kathryn A. Zachem – Executive VP, Regulatory & State Legislative Affairs
Geoffrey Sands – Executive VP, Corporate Strategy

The board of directors for Comcast headquarters includes:

Kenneth J. Bacon
Madeline S. Bell
Sheldon M. Bonovitz
Edward D. Breen
Gerald L. Hassell
Jeffrey A. Honickman
Maritza G. Montiel
Asuka Nakahara
David C. Novak
Brian L. Roberts

Comcast Headquarters Brands

Comcast is responsible for two major players in cable, television, Internet and media. Xfinity is the brand name for the residential and business services sold directly to customers [+]. Comcast also owns the majority stake with 51% of shares in NBCUniversal [+]. Other companies operating under Comcast headquarters include Comcast-Spectacor and Comcast Ventures.

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