Netflix Headquarters Information


Netflix Headquarters Information

Contacting Netflix Headquarters

Netflix is a media company that offers customers streaming and rental movies and television shows for a small monthly fee. The company started out primarily in the rental business; offering customers the ability to choose movies and television shows from a long list of options – placing the rentals in a queue. Various tiers of membership were originally available with customers choosing to rental as few as one DVD per month. As the entertainment industry changed and technology advanced, Netflix moved to a more streamlined business of online streaming, though rentals are still available. In addition to offering customers access to network-created television shows, the company has also embarked on a more creative path with original series.

Netflix Headquarters Info

The Netflix headquarters is located in Los Gatos, California. There is no corporate website, but there is a website dedicated to Investor Relations that offers visitors information on the corporate side of the business [+].

  • Address: The address for the Netflix headquarters is the perfect address to use for corporate communication.

Netflix Headquarters 100 Winchester Cir. Los Gatos, CA 95032

  • Phone Number: Phone contact with the Netflix headquarters is available at 1-408-540-3700.
  • Email: There is no direct email address for the Netflix headquarters, but there is a contact form for the Investor Relations department at the corporate office [+]. The corporate office is not the ideal contact for account issues. Customer’s having account issues are better served by contacting Netflix customer service [+]. Social media contacts [+] for Netflix are also available for customers who wants to contact them through this medium.
  • Website: There are two websites for Netflix – a customer website for account access and help and an investor relations website [+].

Netflix Headquarters Executive Team

Netflix headquarters shares detailed information on the governance behind the company [+]. Company executives include:

Reed Hastings – Founder and CEO
David Hyman – Chief Legal Officer
Jackie Lee-Joe – Chief Marketing Officer
Jessica Neal – Chief​ ​Talent​ ​Officer
Spencer Neumann – Chief Financial Officer
Greg Peters – Chief Product Officer
Ted Sarandos – Chief Content Officer
Rachel Whetstone – Chief Communications Officer


Richard Barton
Rodolphe Belmer
Mathias Döpfner
Timothy Haley
Reed Hastings
Jay Hoag
Leslie Kilgore
Ann Mather
Ambassador Susan Rice
Brad Smith
Anne Sweeney

Netflix Headquarters Brands

Netflix headquarters may not be responsible for individual brands, but they are responsible for a long list of original series, including Lilyhammer, Hemlock Grover, Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. Future original programming includes several superhero shows based on Marvel comic books.

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