Whole Foods

Whole Foods Headquarters Information


Whole Foods Headquarters Information

UPDATE 2018: Whole Foods is now owned and operated by Amazon Headquarters. Please visit the Amazon page for updated information.

Contacting Whole Foods Headquarters

Whole Foods is a grocery store chain specializing in organic foods and whole foods.

Whole Foods Headquarters Info

We found contact information for Whole Foods headquarters on the official Whole Foods website. Contact information includes a mailing address, phone number, voice mailbox and fax number. There is a contact email for the customer service department, but none for the corporate office. The official website doubles as a corporate website.

  • Address: You can write to the Whole Foods headquarters at the Austin, Texas address. Include your contact information and the desire for return contact from the corporate office in the body of your letter. Remember to include multiple forms of contact, including a contact phone number, mailing address and email address.

Whole Foods Headquarters 550 Bowie St. Austin, TX 78703

  • Phone Number: Call 1-512-477-4455 to reach the corporate office. If you would like to leave a voicemail, call 1-512-477-5566. The fax number for the company is 1-512-482-7000.
  • Email: You can email the customer service department [+], but you will need to request contact from the corporate office as there is no direct corporate contact for Whole Foods headquarters.
  • Website: You can learn contact information for the Whole Foods headquarters on the official website [+].

Whole Foods Headquarters Leadership Team

There is a leadership team at the corporate office.

Leadership Team

Scott Allhouse – President Mid-Atlantic
Michael Bashaw – President Midwest
Bart Beilman – Distribution Vice President
Patrick Bradley – Southern Pacific President
Jason Buechel – CIO and Vice President
Laura Debra – North Atlantic President
Mark Dixon – Southwest President
Mark Ehrnstein – Vice President
Sam Ferguson – Vice President
Glenda Flanagan – CFO and Executive Vice President
Betsy Foster – Vice President
A.C. Gallo – COO and President
Omar Gaye – South President
Edmund LaMacchia – Vice President
Roberta Lang – Vice President
David Lannon – Executive Vice President
John Mackey – Co-CEO
Lee Matecko – Vice President
Cindy McCann – Vice President
Christina Minardi – North East President
Juan Nunez – Florida President
Brian O’Connell – Vice President
Will Paradise – Rocky Mountain President
Walter Robb – Co-CEO
Joe Rogoff – Pacific Northwest President
Jim Speirs – Vice President
Jim Sud – Executive Vice President
Jeff Turnas – United Kingdom President
Rob Twyman – Northern California President
Margaret Wittenberg – Vice President

Whole Foods Headquarters Brands

The brand sold by Whole Foods is 365 Everyday.

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