National Grid

National Grid Headquarters Information


National Grid Headquarters Information

Contacting National Grid Headquarters

National Grid is an energy company with interests in the United States and Great Britain. The company operates two company headquarters – one in each country. In addition to supplying residential and business customers with safe energy, the company focuses on clean energy production so that safe energy supply is around for many years. National Grid headquarters in New York is responsible for maintaining service with more than three million US customers.

National Grid Headquarters Info

Information on the National Grid headquarters is not openly listed on the US website, but there are several websites that mention an office in Massachusetts. The Terms and Conditions of the US website list a different address in New York. We have shared both addresses for your convenience. The corporate hub page of the website offers little information for contacting National Grid headquarters [+].

  • Address (Massachusetts): According to several resources, the National Grid headquarters is located in Waltham, Massachusetts.

National Grid Headquarters 40 Sylvan Rd. Waltham, MA 02451

  • Address (New York): A second contact address is listed in the company’s Terms and Conditions.

National Grid Headquarters 175 East Old Country Rd Hicksville, New York 11801

  • Phone Number: The phone number for the National Grid headquarters in the United States is 1-781-907-1000. Their website has a complete list of phone numbers for different departments and different areas, you need to select your location to view the phone numbers in your area[+].
  • Email: We found a contact form you can an email directly to the National Grid headquarters leadership using the leadership team contact form[+]. To contact customer service, there is also a contact form in the Contact Us page[+]. You can also contact the company using Twitter and Facebook [+].
  • Website: The official website for the National Grid headquarters in the United States is a corporate hub [+]. All regions operate an independent website for residential and business account access.

National Grid Headquarters Executive Team

National Grid headquarters in the United States has a different executive team than the main headquarters in Great Britain [+]. The US leadership include:

Badar Khan – President, National Grid US
Chris Kelly – Interim COO Electric and US Chief Engineer & Network Solutions
Cordi O’Hara – COO, Gas
Rudy Wynter – President and COO, Wholesale Networks and US Capital Delivery
John Bruckner – President, New York
Marcy Reed – President, Massachusetts, and EVP, Policy & Social Impact
Terry Sobolewski – President, Rhode Island
Keith Hutchison – SVP, US HR and Chief Diversity Officer
Mike Calviou – SVP, Business and Regulatory Strategy
Michael A. West, Jr. – SVP, US Corporate Affairs
Keri Sweet-Zavaglia – SVP, US General Counsel
Vivienne Bracken – Chief Procurement Officer
Dan Davies – Chief Transformation Officer
Gregg Knight – Chief Customer Officer
Steve Olive – Chief Information Officer
Peggy Smyth – Chief Financial Officer

National Grid Headquarters Brands

There are no additional brands associated with National Grid headquarters in the United States. There have been a number of important mergers throughout the company’s history, including mergers with Keyspan and the New England Electric company. These mergers increased the market share and reach of the National Grid headquarters – expanding the number of customers (both residential and business) the company can reach with gas and electricity.

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